Played For Years
But Still Can’t Shred?

You want to make clean chord changes and shred through scales and songs. But, despite the lessons, books, and videos, you still can’t blaze. It’s not your fault! Even if you could have practiced more, there’s a reason why you can’t play as great as you want.

Do You Struggle To Play Better? Everybody Wants to Play Guitar! But for most, “learning to play” is frustrating. Why? Most rock, pop and blues guitar teaching helps students memorize songs, chords, scales, etc.– but doesn’t teach students how to play well. So most wanna-be guitar players never get good. What a waste. One day, a group of classical guitar teachers decided to do something. They created The Physics of Guitar Playing® Foundations Course to teach all players how to play great…

Going Nowhere Fast?


  • Can’t make fast, clean musical chord changes?
  • Do your hands feel clumsy, unable to do what you want them to do?
  • Can’t get that awesome sound you hear in your head to come out of the guitar?
  • Seen friends go on to be hotshot players while you get nowhere fast?
  • Ready to jump into the big leagues but you just can’t seem to push your playing to that pro level?


  • Bought stacks of books but found they didn’t teach how to play?
  • Signed up for online courses or bought a box DVD’s, and still didn’t learn HOW to play?
  • Asked teachers how they play as well as they do, but found the teachers can’t explain it?
  • After all this “teaching” you don’t know how some people manage to play as well as they do, and you don’t really play any better or faster than you did before?

Ready To PLAY

What if you could double your playing skills in the next 12 months? What if this time next year, you could have the chops and speed you’ve always wanted?

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Learn From the Best-Trained Guitarists in the World

“To play the guitar well is easy. To play the guitar poorly is difficult.”
– Pepe Romero

Whether You Play Rock, Pop, or Jazz, Learn to Play Better

Classical guitarists have been taught to understand the mechanics of playing — how their hands and fingers work — and they’ve learned how to practice for technique. In short, they’ve learned the Physics of Guitar Playing. These “physics” concepts help make even the most challenging guitar passages easier Now you can learn these concepts and techniques. You’ll understand how to play great, and you’ll make it look as easy as brushing your teeth, whether you play rock, blues, jazz, country, shred, or classical. (And here is one more important benefit: Good technique based upon reducing your workload, tension, and that takes into account the “biomechanics” of how your hands  function naturally and effortlessly can reduce or eliminate player’s injuries.)

The Physics of Guitar Playing Course Will Send Your Playing Into Overdrive

You won’t get yet another “what to play” array of chords and scales. You’ll get the whole “how to play” keys to the kingdom, the complete bundle of high-performance secrets to stunning technique, blazing speed and perfect, musical playing–all for the price of about a month of traditional lessons!

Taught “Chalk-Talk” style at the Physics of Guitar Institute, and filmed in 17 info-packed AXiom™ lessons. Plus, we include a 75-page course book. And all of this is online and available to you 24/7.

Now You Can Show Off In Front of Others

Because now you’ll be able to make clean, fast chord changes. You’ll shred scales at the speed of light. Now, finally, you can take everything to the pro level, whether you want to get famous, front a local band, or just have a blast at home.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How your hands naturally function in everyday life — and why they seem to fail you on guitar.

  • The left hand position and “approach” that seems to make your fingers longer.
  • How to recognize and eliminate the excessive muscle tension in your hands that robs you of the ability of change chords cleanly and play fast scales.
  • How you can “work” at making playing easy and completely effortless.
  • Why gravity is a guitarist’s best friend.
  • Why ”Slow-Mo” practice creates flawless, professional-level guitar playing.
  • What guitarists can learn from race car drivers about going fast.

  • The difference between “linear” and “curvilinear” motion and the astonishing effect this difference makes when shifting across the fingerboard. (It’s easy to learn)

  • Why the way you change chords now is so inefficient that chord changes are far tougher than they should be.
  • How to “sing” the music and lead your fingers like a great conductor.
  • Why music is a “system” that you can break down to make learning easy.
  • Why you don’t even need your guitar to learn a new piece of music (really).
  • Why your upper knuckles are the key to blazing finger-picking.
  • And as they say, a whole lot more…

Double Your Skills In 12 Months

For the price of one month’s of “same-old” guitar lessons.

Who wants to be the next Jimi?

(Physics of Guitar = Your Guitar Skills, Squared)

Yes! But It Won’t Happen By Learning More Scales & Chords!
It will happen by understanding concepts of physiology, straight-line movement vs. curved-line movement, velocity, weight, mental tension and its effect on your hands, practice efficiency, the psychology of error-free playing, “muscle memory” and much more—all is easy-to-understand. Look, learning scales and chords is memorization, and you can spend $100 on books and videos to memorize for the next 5 years. What you need is someone to show you HOW to play.

Get Started Today and See Great Improvement in 90 Days
Just imagine. Maybe you already have: as a kid you’d lie in bed, wishing you could wake up one morning and play like a guitar god. Now, it can happen. It will take some time, some discipline, some effort. But in as few as 3 months you’ll see a huge improvement, and in 12 months you can double your skills.

You’ll Be Able to Blow the Doors Off Friends Who’ve Played for Years
Sit in on elite jam sessions. Form a band! Shred at the guitar store, while others stare at you, open-mouthed.

If You Really Don’t Care About Playing Better, STOP Right Here
You have to want to play better. This course was not designed to talk you into it. You must commit to reasonable practice. You must apply what you learn. Finally, you must invest a modest sum: About the same amount as most guitarists pay for one month of lessons! If you really want to play great and begin a new chapter of your musical life, then join.

Is This Course Right For Me?

Let’s See…

Who Should Get the Course?

Are you intellectually curious? Do you wonder exactly how to make your fingers work better and easier when you play? Do enjoy studying and practicing? Does the idea of a scientific approach to playing better appeal to you? Do you want to get better fast and out-shred nearly everyone? If you answered yes to these questions, then a you’re Physics of Guitar Playing Institute kind of guitar player!

Who Shouldn’t Get the Course?

It’s important to us that only the right people invest in our courses. While we believe that nearly any guitar player can benefit from this information, we would rather turn away at the gate those who are not the best fit. Some people that should consider NOT investing in our course include: New students who think they can learn to play great in just a few months, students who never practice, students who already know everything there is to know about playing, and those not really interested in a scientific (we might say “nerdy”) approach to learning guitar. Please review this entire page, and be sure to view the sample videos; if the information doesn’t click with you in some way, perhaps our courses aren’t for you. But if they do, we hope you’ll join us!

But What If I’m Just Starting Out?

Learn Right, Right from the Start!

If you’re a beginner, the Foundations Course can:

  • Give you the foundations of technique
  • Teach you to understand how to be a thinking guitarist
  • Ensure that you constantly improve, avoiding boredom or quitting
  • Put you on a greatly accelerated path to great playing
  • Help you play better than many experienced guitarists 

Meet a Few of Our Students

These players are getting great, fast!

“Some people are okay with playing sloppy and just kind of faking it. I’m not. I wanted to hit a certain level and I wanted to know how to play–how some guitar players play so well, do it with seeming ease. I started to think that nobody taught this stuff, but I found this course. Thanks, PGI!”

Matt R.Officer, US Army (NY)

“I was just getting bored stiff. Playing new stuff did not help, because I didn’t play it much faster or much better than the old stuff. “Physics of Guitar Playing” changed everything! Now I love practicing and I love playing and I am getting really, really good.”

Jim W.Radio Professional (CO)

The Physics of Guitar Playing Course

“Foundations:” Motion, Mechanics, Energy & Approach

Includes The Video Classroom

  • Access to the Physics of Guitar Institute Classroom Video Series
  • 17 AXiom™ video lessons
  • All Accessible 24/7 from Any Computer, Anywhere!
  • And Yes, There’s More. A Lot More…

Plus The 75-Page Coursebook

  • The 75-Page Physics of Guitar Playing Coursebook
  • Each Physics of Guitar Playing Principle is Outlined & Jam-Packed with Illustrations
  • Includes a Guide That Will Add Overdrive to Your Practice Time
  • Features a Practice Scheduler to Keep You On Track

Ready to Play Great Guitar?

Coming 2019!

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