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What If You Could Double Your Playing Skills in 12 Months?

Still Can’t Shred?

You want to make clean chord changes, shred scales, and cruise through songs. But despite the lessons, books, and videos, you still can’t blaze.

You’re stuck. It’s not your fault!

There’s a Reason You Can’t Play Great:

You’ve Learned WHAT to PLAY, Not HOW to PLAY

You may have memorized chords, scales, and songs. But that’s not enough. That doesn’t show you how to play like a pro. The sad secret is most teachers don’t teach HOW to play—they walk students through WHAT to play. You can spend $100 on stuff to memorize for 10 years. What you need is someone to show you HOW to play.

Want to Play Like a Pro?

We’ll Show You How

What if you could double your playing skills in the next 12 months? What if, this time next year, you could have the kind of chops and speed you’ve always wanted?

Finally! You Can Play Great—Whatever Style You Play

Top classical and flamenco guitarists don’t just “know” how to play the incredibly difficult music they perform. They were taught how to play fast, cleanly, and musically.

They’ve been taught the mechanics, the physics, of playing—how their hands and fingers work best—that produces a high level of skill. We’ll use these concepts to teach you, whether you play rock, jazz, or blues, HOW to play like you’ve always wanted.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn:

There are underlying reasons why some people are great players. The Physics of Guitar Playing course will teach you these secrets so you can become a great player.
No “blues” or “rock” scales. Just HOW to play great! Because that’s what you need.

  • How your hands naturally function in everyday life—and why they fail you on guitar.
  • The left-hand position that seems to make your fingers longer.
  • How to eliminate the excessive muscle tension in your hands that robs you of the ability to change chords cleanly and play fast scales.
  • Why gravity is a guitarist’s best friend.
  • Why a specific “Slow-Mo” practice creates flawless, professional-level guitar playing.
  • What guitarists can learn from race car drivers about going fast.
  • The difference between “linear” and “curvilinear” motion and the astonishing effect this difference makes when shifting across the fingerboard. (It’s easy to learn!)
  • Why the way you change chords is so inefficient that changes are tougher than they should be.

You’ll understand concepts of biomechanics, straight-line movement vs. curved-line movement, velocity, weight, line-of-sight, mental tension and its effect on your hands, practice efficiency, the psychology of error-free playing, “muscle memory,” and much more—and of it all easy to understand.

Join Elite Jam Sessions. Form a Band. Shred at the Guitar Store. Just Show Off

Because now you’ll be able to make clean, fast chord changes. You’ll shred scales at the speed of light. Now, finally, you can take everything to the pro level,
whether you want to get famous, front a local band, or just have a blast.

The Physics of Guitar Playing Course Will Shove Your Playing Into Overdrive

You won’t get yet another “what to play” array of chords and scales. You’ll get the complete bundle of high-performance secrets to stunning technique,
blazing speed, and musical playing—all for the price of a month or two of traditional, go-nowhere lessons. Taught “Chalk Talk” classroom-style in 17 videos.

17 carefully-explained Axiom™ concepts that will teach you the mechanics of great playing and musical expression. Get started now.

Want to Shred Like a Pro?

Get Started Today!